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Craftsman's Touch Gallery
These photos help demonstrate our quality workmanship and ability to translate the homeowner's dreams into the living space they desire. For more pictures, click onto the following link where it will take you to Referral Buzz.  I use that for social media outreach. https://www.referralbuzz.com/Provider/Profile/294
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I designed a new layout, swapped the sink and tub, and replaced a closet with a shower.
I designed a new layout integrating a separate sink area with the shower / toilet area. I installed a steam shower with a bench and second shower faucet, in-floor heat, and redid the walk-in closet.
I replaced the shower with a whirlpool tub, window with glass block, suspended ceiling and flourescent lights with a drywall ceiling. I also installed a glass shampoo shelf with the built in shelf.
I designed a new layout, integrating the makeup area with the bathroom. I gutted the bathroom, make up area, and closet. I installed a window, 2 vanities, bigger shower, new tub, and heated floor with a new closet.
I moved the tub out 1 foot from the back wall to allow more headroom with the slanted ceiling. I put in a marble tub bench and beadboard paneling wainscot.